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Southern Wesleyan University is a Christ-centered, student-focused learning community dedicated to transforming lives.

SWU Community

SWU students, faculty and staff are something, something, something else about our campus community.

Alumni & Friends

Warriors at heart. Your campus experience may only last a few years, but your connection to Southern Wesleyan can last a lifetime. Stay connected to SWU through events, publications, and social media.

Visitors & Neighbors

Whether you come for a campus visit, fine arts program, or athletic event, SWU seeks to provide educational and cultural opportunities not just to our campus community but to the greater community around us.

101 Ways to Support SWU

Life at SWU : Alumni and Friends : 101 Ways to Support SWU
  1. Pray for the students of SWU.
  2. Pray for the faculty and staff of SWU.
  3. Keep your contact information current.
  4. Send the Department of Alumni Relations your news.
  5. Attend all campus events.
  6. Come home for Homecoming Weekend.
  7. Attend Heritage Weekend.
  8. Pre-register for all SWU events.
  9. Host a SWU Club in your area.
  10. Wear SWU clothing.
  11. Put an SWU tag on the front of your vehicle.
  12. Request the SWU tag at your local DMV.
  13. Provide current students the opportunity to do “mock” interviews, or better yet, REAL job interviews with you or your business.
  14. Send encouraging notes to students.
  15. Speak or perform in alumni chapel.
  16. Encourage your church or civic group to host the SWU Concert Choir.
  17. Make the Advancement Office aware of duplicate mailings and other postage mishaps.
  18. Spread good news about SWU.
  19. Participate in fundraisers.
  20. Ask an SWU faculty or staff member to speak at your church or civic group.
  21. Send encouraging notes to SWU faculty and staff.
  22. Nominate alumni for the SWU Alumni Association Awards program.
  23. Bring your family to the SWU campus.
  24. Bring your friends to the SWU campus.
  25. Alert the Department of Alumni Relations when fellow alumni die.
  26. Pray for God’s blessings for SWU.
  27. Attend soccer games.
  28. Communicate with the members of the SWU Alumni Board of Directors.
  29. Bring guests to the SWU Sunday Brunch or any meal.
  30. Encourage participation in SWU events among your classmates.
  31. Send the SWU Office of Admissions names and addresses of potential students.
  32. Proudly hang your SWU diploma in your home or place of business.
  33. Contribute to the Pathway to Progress campaign.
  34. Remember SWU when designing your estate plan.
  35. Attend SWU reunions.
  36. Attend campus conferences.
  37. Encourage your pastor to attend the annual SWU Ministers’ Conference.
  38. Participate in SWU Blue Wednesdays.
  39. Tell people about SWU on SWU Blue Wednesdays.
  40. Be on the visitor side when SWU athletes compete in your area.
  41. Let the SWU coaches and athletes know you are there.
  42. Attend basketball games.
  43. Post SWU news articles at your place of business.
  44. Complete and return SWU alumni surveys.
  45. Attend SWU musicals.
  46. Attend SWU theater productions.
  47. Volunteer.
  48. Visit the SWU website regularly to keep up with news and events.
  49. Encourage SWU alumni to be active.
  50. Support the SWU annual fund.
  51. Support SWU endowed scholarships.
  52. Attend the St. Simon’s Senior Chaparral.
  53. Bring friends to St. Simon’s Senior Chaparral.
  54. Attend Southern Celebrations, regional SWU conferences.
  55. Bring friends to the Southern Celebrations regional conferences.
  56. Send donations for SWU scholarship auctions.
  57. Give your copy of SWU Magazine to a friend.
  58. Give your copy of The Alumni Spotlight to a friend.
  59. Encourage churches and schools to bring potential students to the Spring Youth Conference and Open House.
  60. Encourage churches and schools to bring students to the SWU Admissions Fall Open House.
  61. Attend SWU volleyball games.
  62. Pray for SWU student enrollment.
  63. Pray for additional academic programs.
  64. Tell athletes about the SWU athletic program.
  65. Attend SWU baseball games.
  66. Notify the Office of Advancement of your matching gift company.
  67. Share your SWU experience with current students.
  68. Offer career guidance to current SWU students.
  69. Volunteer to speak at a SWU career fair.
  70. Use the website to consistently update your contact information.
  71. Celebrate your SWU Heritage.
  72. Celebrate SWU accomplishments.
  73. Thank the Lord for His SWU blessings.
  74. Encourage alumni to attend the SWU Club meetings in your area.
  75. Attend SWU softball games.
  76. Attend concerts sponsored by the Fine Arts Department.
  77. “Adopt” a SWU student.
  78. Tell your boss about the adult evening programs.
  79. Tell co-workers about the adult evening programs.
  80. Participate in the SWU Pro-Am golf tournament.
  81. Support the SWU golf team.
  82. Support the SWU Cross Country team.
  83. Participate in the annual P.B. Wood Golf Tournament.
  84. Request SWU athletic schedules.
  85. Pray for the leadership of SWU.
  86. Purchase gifts from the SWU bookstore.
  87. Make an unrestricted gift to the annual fund.
  88. Clip newspaper articles you see about SWU alumni and send them to the Department of Alumni Relations.
  89. Support the Warrior Club and SWU athletics.
  90. Write an article for SWU Magazine or The Alumni Spotlight.
  91. Be a host family for the SWU choir tour.
  92. Apply for the SWU MBNA card and use it.
  93. Plan a reunion for your class.
  94. Help find lost alumni.
  95. Write to your legislators regarding the importance of funding independent colleges and the South Carolina Tuition Grant.
  96. Send job openings to the SWU career counselor.
  97. Send your children to SWU sport camps during the summer.
  98. Encourage your company to hire SWU graduates.
  99. Honor your alma mater by mentioning your Southern Wesleyan University affiliation when you are honored.
  100. Share your love for SWU wherever you go.
  101. Be a SWU Warrior.