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Servant Leadership Programs

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“My hope for the future rests in part on my belief that among the legions of deprived and unsophisticated people are many true servants who will lead, and that most of them can learn to discriminate among those who presume to serve them and identify the true servants whom they will follow.”

 Robert Greenleaf

Upon this basic principle of Servant Leadership have we defined our purpose for leadership programming at Southern Wesleyan University. While our program is still growing in many ways, you will find that we want our students to take on a servant’s heart and serve others first. From the perspective of service will we find those that will want to lead their peers in serving others. This goal is in line with what Greenleaf envisioned as the servant leader, where the leader is a servant who by circumstance has been chosen to lead. This is uniquely different from being a leader who serves.

Program Components

In encouraging our students to be servants, first we have a number of programs designed to help students take on a servant’s heart.

A very popular program for our students to engage in is serving on a mission team and travel with a group of your friends and start a service project in a particular area of the country.

Some students like to start a community service project right here in Central, S.C. If you are interested in community service contact Justin Carter at to find out about opportunities close to our campus.

All freshmen students will engage in basic leadership development during orientation through a program called Common Ground. Common Ground helps to develop specific leadership traits such as discovering your talents, time management, interpersonal communication and role modeling.